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 Are you viewing yourself with your abilities and potential? Are you continuously trading competing demands overlooking yourself? Is your cultural, social, working, personal environment embracing you or pulling you back? Are you willing to step up for what you truly value and care?

What is Woman in Leadership?

Focuses on developing your self-awareness and interaction, the use of your strengths and perceived self-efficacy. Embraces your competencies and creativity enhancing your potential.  Improves the quality of your relationship to lead others positively, building up the courage, skills, confidence and resiliency.

Informed by Adaptive Leadership,  Self-Determination Theory, Organisational Change, Complex Systems frameworks and Character Traits Theories & Well-Being.

Key areas:

Your drive & Goals

Identifying what really matters to you.

Expressing your own leadership: vision, mission and brand embodiment.

Opening up your thinking influenced by social conventions, bias and stereotypes of what is expected from a woman in all its professional, social and personal roles.

Identifying environmental & social demands and own/others pressure that are holding you back.

Exploring your leadership gender mindset, values, beliefs, assumptions and how you perceive it.

Designing your leadership style journey and set your progress indicators.

Strengths & Leadership Style

Discovering your signature Character Strengths.

Gaining insight how you play them out daily.

Evaluating your character strengths habits, which are used, underused, overused.

Mapping your strengths steps path in a way that energises you.

Capitalising on your skills, knowledge, techniques and resources.

Distinguishing between authority and leadership style.

Embracing your leadership style and own it.

Enhancing your interpersonal style and relationships.

The power of self-care.

Strengths & Leadership
Grit & Courage 

Taking risks and pushing yourself.

Giving yourself permission to experience imperfection & failure.

Handling and assessing fear, difficulty, self-doubt from courage.

The power of persevering with a growth mindset.

The autonomy and responsibility of own decisions and acting upon.

Setting boundaries.

The key of own influence & personal/ professional power to inspire others.

Reviewing commitment and purpose.

Grit & Courage
Communication & Conflict Management

When managing, when leading.

Observing and noticing assumptions and thinking styles.

Anticipating dynamics.

 Listening beyond, own and others subjective vs. objective reality.

​Giving & receiving feedback. Empowering others

Practicing appreciative enquiry and conduce generative dialogue.

Handling productive conflicts and difficult conversations.

The value of “yes” and “no”.

Bringing forward the unsaid.

Protecting minority of view from mainstream voice.

Communication & Conflict
Innovation & Collaboration

Creating positive & emotional safety environment.

Separating the role from the self.

Understanding how each of the roles play out for the common purpose. 

Shitifing and opening perspectives. 

Overcoming resistance.

Sharing and cooperating with one another. 

Delivering coherently: be what you want to change/have.

Developing, coach & empower others.

Innovation & Collaboration
Some of the Benefits

Empowers and develops your leading capabilities, confidence and competence removing your own stereotypes to stand up. Identifies personal resources and strengths. Explores options and conditions of your situation to enable you to create your success path. Enhances your self-awareness and performance, aligning your intention and attention.

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