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Who it's for

Workshop for anyone interested in identifying their strengths and learning how to leverage them with real application in their day to day, identifying when are used, overused or underused and how they play out with the weaknesses.

Whether you want to refine your strenghts  or guide others to use them effectively to benefit from doing more of what you do best, the workshop will give you the skills to maximise yours and coach others.

What you'll learn

Discover what are your strengths and the potential 


the tools and techniques you need for effective facilitation. With personal coaching and feedback throughout, you’ll be able to use your strengths to motivate others. 

Learn how to: 

1. Planning and looking for opportunities to use your strengths more.

2. connect your strengths to the goals you want to achieve

2. Create habits to help you reap the benefits.

Use tools to energise and inspire the group.

3. Identify and manage different personality types.

4. Assess your own facilitation skills.

5. Apply facilitation skills to your work environment.

What includes

A digital booklet containing a summary of the research, recommended tools and tips  provided for all participants to help them take their learning forward after the workshops.


3 X 2 hrs workshops

Max. 12 people

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