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What are the times in your life you feel alive, on the top of your game? How often you take the time to project stories about what could happen and act accordingly? Are you ready to try new ways?

What is Life & Career?

Connects with the sense of longing, purpose and meaning for the things that we do and live for. Evokes your inner coherence, intrinsic motivation and authenticity looking at your strengths potential as well as the quality of your relationship and situational factors to lead your change, building up possible scenarios, confidence and resiliency.

Draws primarily from Change, Transformative, Self-Determination Theory and Learning and Developmental practices.

Key areas:

Drive & Motivation

Connecting with your purpose, source of motivation.

Feeling the core of what truly energises you, emotionally connect you and mentally fulfills you.

Exploring your values, beliefs, and assumptions.

Observing your own role across scenarios and circumstances.

Identifying the what holds you back, how, why and when.

Projecting the impact and value expected.

Mapping Change & Goals 

Designing your change journey and layout your milestones draft.

Exploring options and shift perspectives. 

Drawing from the skills, knowledge, techniques and resources you have.

Enhancing your awareness on your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Reflecting on your obstacles, potential setbacks and distractions.

Aligning your intention, attention with actions.

Setting your own indicators and keep track of your progress.

Building momentum and relationships..

Adjusting and re-evaluating.

Channel your Strengths & Power

Discovering your signature Character Strengths.

Gaining insight how you play them out daily and the impact they have.

Voicing your resistance and fears.

Capitalising on your strength,s apply them daily formally and informally.

Enabling the conditions that best support you. 

Using your strengths and power across coherently to your purpose.

Embracing and owning your interpersonal style. 

Drive & Motivation
Mapping Change & Goals
Strenghts & Power
Self Care & Habits

Observing the patterns when you are feel at your best, when feel depleted, stressed, burnout.

Detecting your internal talk barriers, emotions, anxiety & interferences across situations.

Identifying the habits you have that are useful and the ones that are unhelpful.

Creating new energising habits.

Managing your energy by nurturing and relaxing your body & mind in a way that resonates with you. 

Creating your own self- care options & alternatives to turn into in the face of change, challenge & setback.

Grit & Courage 

Taking risks and pushing yourself.

Giving yourself permission to experience imperfection & failure.

Handling and assessing fear, difficulty, self-doubt from courage.

The power of persevering with a growth mindset.

The autonomy and responsibility of own decisions and acting upon.

Setting boundaries.

The key of own influence & personal/ professional power to inspire others.

Reviewing commitment and purpose.

Grit & Courage
Self Care & Habits
Some of the Benefits

Facilitates the why, what and how aligning your intention and attention to your actions and behaviors and identifying barriers and opportunities. Maps options exploring a variety of potential scenarios, looking at your relationships, resources, conditions of your environment, to enable you to create your success path. Broadens your perspective and understanding challenging your own congruency and improves your overall self-efficacy.

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