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Coaching With Purpose & Insight

What we do everyday is the story that we write for ourselves, our life stories. When we are willing to head to where we truly want to be, then it becomes easier to consider any change, or take new challenges on board. The decision is whether to keep things as they are, if not, why not step up? Coaching builds that competency through our alignment; a process of directed self-reflection, oriented-attention actions and relevant feedback indicators. The value lies not only for what you accomplish, but also on how it transforms you.

Cristina Pavia
Executive Coach

MscCoach Psych


Originally from Barcelona and based with my husband since 2015 in the UAE. I have lived in 5 different countries, travelled around the globe, and I have also worked in multiple countries including Spain, Germany, the United States and Australia. An ongoing learning curve filled with cultural diversity and myriad of leadership and performance styles. Curious by nature, the like for variety and the thirst for learning have been and are my constants together with challenge and change.


Qualified with a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology by Sydney University, I embrace an evidence-base practice that is solution focused, strategic oriented, empowerful and practical.


With over 450 hours in-depth training and experience in coaching clients from the Middle East, Europe and Australia, my commitment is to make a positive impact within my reach of influence; co-creating personalised coaching programs that provide sustainable positive changes and enhance our overall well-being.


Previously, as an Account Manager, I liaised with a varied management level, GMs, Execs, Producers, Creative Directors and Sales teams in both multinationationals and SMEs. These, combined with other customer service roles experienced throughout my career, have influenced my understanding of a broad diversity of realities.


Overall, I am known for my zest, being insightful, inquisitive and my ability to empower individuals to open up and step up for the changes they aspire. For facilitating perspective capacity and enhancing individuals potential & self-confidence.

Qualifications & Accreditations
  • Masters of Applied Science in Coaching Psychology. The University of Sydney

  • Masters of International Business & Retail. ESCI I Pompeu Fabra University

  • Master in Business Communications.  INSA  I  Barcelona University

  • Graduate Certificate of Social Impact. Melbourne Business Scool

  • Bachelors in Business Communications. INSA I Barcelona University



  • USCMA Member, The University of Sydney Coaching & Mentoring Alumni


Meet The Coach



+971 553 727 739   |

Po Box: 7073   |   UAQ. United Arab Emirates


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