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Looking to becoming more innovative in your thinking?

Act more strategically to foster creativity in your team?

Gain greater confidence and competence in your abilities?

Achieve measurable progress?

What is Adaptive Leadership?

Focuses on seeing you as part of the building emotional safe climate and learning culture to enable innovation. Developing the skills and modelling as a change agent. This includes strategic thinking across diverse interests to engage the individuals you’re dealing with for a common project learning together through facts and experimenting solutions building a narrative of change. 


It is based on the Law of Requisite Variety, Complex Systems Theory, and principles of Constructionist, Appreciative Inquiry,  and Collective Impact. 

Key areas:

Purpose & Alignment

Identifying the why of the collaboration, values, context, objectives and givens.

Impact and value expected.

Common thread and commitment from all the individuals involved aligning different interests and levels of participation.

Gainning organisational & system awareness. 

Conflict-tension management & overcoming resitance.

Seeking to evaluate the actions taken and finding ways to measure progress.

Strengths &  Authority Power

Learning about your inner strengths and authority power and applying them effectively.

Developing the ability to use your formal and informal authority power as per the context/situation needs.

Understanding what drives your performance, what is  your dominant style playing, your resistance, and others strengths to maximize common impact.

Working Collaborately

Appreciative listening: noticing, understanding, connecting.

Giving and receiving feedback.

Paying attention to what are you communicating with your language and the discourse of your day to day interactions with others.

Learning from diversity: shift views and identify your bias. 

Identifying common occurring reactions in you and others, assumptions and develop understanding of the dynamics that are playing.

Understanding interdependence and working togehter strategically.

Innovation & Change

Setting the emotional safety climate.

Developing your capacity perspective: shifting from personal to objective.

Practicing interpreting situations: positive curiosity.

Improving your ability to deal with uncertainty to facilitate collaborative conditions and give way to creativity.

Framing opportunities and barriers and enjoy coming with multiple options and potential scenarios.

Persisting over difficulty and in the face of failure with aplomb and resilience.



Lead as you Learn

Taking on new challenges.

Using your learnings and capitalising on them by doing, testing and adjusting as you go.

Leading and empowering others to unfold their own learning journey.


The power of modelling expectations.

Strenghts & Authority Power
Working Collaborately
Innovation & Change
Lead as you Learn
Some of the Benefits

Develops awareness, diversity of views and appreciative inquiry.  

Facilitates understanding of self-ingrained beliefs and those in the system to create an organisational environment that promotes responsible pro-activity, creativity, experimentation and a trusting open learning culture at the heart.

Increases engagement, self-management and collaboration in teams and across stakeholder’s.

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