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“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Bill Gates

Thinking of ways to improving your effectiveness in a caring and sustainable way?

To rejuvenating and nurture your energy and motivation?

To capitalizing positively on the ups & downs of your ongoing leaning journey?

What is Champion Performance?

Facilitates the path to dealing, irrespectively of the circumstances, with the challenges, setbacks and pressure you have or might encounter. Helps you to persevere in your aims and also to maintain your attention and motivation in the absence of stressors and enjoy the milestones.

Underpinned on the Mental Toughness and Well-Being concept as the ability to sustain your performance toward the upper range of your talents and skills.

Key areas:

Engagement  & Motivation

Connecting with your purpose, source of motivation.

Feeling the core of what truly energises you, emotionally connect you and mentally fulfills you.

Identifying the times, duration and context.

Questioning your dedicated commitment.

Igniting your passion.

Setting Goals & Intentions

Designing your learning-training journey and set your progress indicators.

Identifying your environmental demands, professional, social & personal and others/own pressure.

Capitalising on the skills, knowledge, techniques and resources you have and might have access to.

Making the required changes to sustain you effectively along the journey and make connections.

Reflecting on your obstacles, potential setbacks and distractions.

Reviewing and keeping accountable.

Enhance Awareness

Managing your focus of attention. What is you are paying attention to.

Detecting your internal talk barriers, emotions, anxiety & interferences across performance.

Noticing your reactions in the face of challenge & setback.

Identifying your own  patterns.

Managing your automatic reactions. Attending to cues.

Influencing the conditions that foster your performance and spot the ones that inhibit it.

Grit & Courage

Practicing attentional engaged preparation throughout all the stages of your performance.

Keeping track of the duration and direction of your effort.

Identifying strategies to reconnect when sidetracked  and sustain continuos commitment.

Preparing to face your challenges in a more hopeful & empowerfuly way.

Strengthening your courage to turn setbacks into learning opportunities.

Persevering  smartly.

Self Care & Habits

Developing the process that promotes your optimal performance and the coping strategies to renew  your mental, affective and physical capacities to sustain and improve your performance.

Identifying the habits you have that are useful and the ones that are unhelpful.

Creating new energising habits.

Managing your energy by nurturing and relaxing your body & mind in a way that resonates with you. 

Creating your own self- care options & alternatives to turn into in the face of change, challenge & setback.

Engament & Motivation
Setting Goals
Enhance Awareness
Grit & Courage
Self-Care & Habits
Some of the Benefits

Develops, improves and supports strategically your performance goals in a sustainable manner. Explores and aligns your intention and attention to your strengths and personal style through a framework of evidence practices improving your self-efficacy and promoting your well-being.

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