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What we do everyday transforms eventually into our life stories.

When we know our why, then it becomes easier to consider any change, take new challenges on board or take the direction need it. However that might not always be that clear, especially when circumstances change or our life takes us on unexpected turns.


Inquisitive is the how and the mindset to open perspective and map possibilities. It’s a collaborative approach that works with you at the heart; bringing more clarity at different levels, unfolding your vision and drafting the steps and changes to facilitate you thrive with confidence in your own style.


Inquisitive is the enabler and challenger that empowers you to step up to own your why and what you really stand for. It keeps you grounded when struggling and yet energises you to keep you committed in the midst of uncertainty, fears and doubts providing you with skills and research-based tools to advance more effectively on your own.

Cristina Pavia

MScCoach Psych
Executive Coach

As Career Coach Cristina is purpose driven with a learning mind focus to support individuals and their system conditions that facilitate a better live/work. 

Karen Bassil Pict.jpg

Karen Bassil

MA Human Resources
Executive Coach

Leadership and Career Coach, Karen is results-oriented with extensive experience in supporting employees on their career and personal journey.

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